About Your Anthem ID Card

It is very important to keep your ID card and instruction card in the sleeve, and to give the right item to your medical provider when you receive services. Otherwise, your provider may not use the correct information to file a claim.

The chart below shows what network to use, how to find providers, and the item to give for various types of medical services.

If you need… Use this network Find an in-network provider Give this to your provider
Hospital care Health Services Coalition Choose a provider from the list at
Card sleeve
Outpatient radiology services Preferred Partner Network (PPN) Use one of these providers:
  • Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging:
  • Pueblo Medical Imaging:
Card sleeve
Mental health/substance abuse treatment Harmony Health Care Call 702-251-8000 or visit harmonyhc.com/eap/
for an online provider directory
Card sleeve
Prescription drugs EnvisionRx Access the Pharmacy Locator at   envisionrx.com or call 800-361-4542  Card sleeve
All other medical care Anthem BlueCross BlueShield PPO Network Go to anthem.com. Click on Menu at top left, then select Find a Doctor and follow the instructions. ID card only

Note that your Anthem ID card includes instructions for accessing LiveHealth Online telemedicine services. Through these services, you can get advice, treatment, and even prescriptions from a board-certified doctor via live, two-way video on your computer or mobile device, 24/7.

For any questions about your ID card or your benefits and eligibility, please call the Teamsters 14 Customer Service Line at 702-851-8286 or visit teamsters14healthfund.com.