What's New

  • June 2018: You received a new light blue sleeve for your Medical ID card. We have changed the provider network information on the sleeve since we are now using the Anthem PPO network for radiology providers. Please replace your current sleeve with the new one. Note that only the sleeve has changed; you can continue to use your current Medical ID card and instruction card.

    Please remember to keep your ID card and instruction card in the sleeve at all times. To ensure your provider receives the necessary information on your benefits and eligibility:

    • If you’re seeing an Anthem network provider, give them the ID card only.
    • If you’re seeing a hospital, dental, vision, or mental health provider, give them the card sleeve.

    If you have questions about the sleeve, call the Teamsters 14 Customer Service Line at (702) 851-8286.

  • July 1, 2018: Teamsters Security Fund for Southern Nevada—Local 14 simplified coverage of outpatient radiology services. We are now using the Anthem PPO network for radiology providers instead of the previous secondary network. The Anthem network includes the providers that were in the secondary network.

    Your copay for these providers is the same as for other in-network PPO radiology providers:

    • X-ray: $15/visit
    • Other diagnostic imaging (MRI, MRA, CT, PET scan or angiogram): $50/visit (pre-authorization required)

    Certain preventive care radiology procedures continue to be covered at no charge. See the PPO Plan Summary Plan Description for more information.

  • September 2018: We’ve updated this website to better serve your needs! Take some time to explore new features, like this “What’s New” section, the “I Want to…” area, and helpful FAQs.