Where to Go for Medical Care


Family Wellness Center

Visit a Family Wellness Center for convenient, no-cost primary/acute health care, preventive care, and medications.

Medical Plan Provider

PPO Plan (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Network)

  • Hospitals: Choose Health Services Coalition providers from the list at lvhsc.org/coalition.
  • Mental health/substance abuse treatment: Call the Harmony Healthcare EAP at 702-251-8000 or use the online provider directory.
  • Prescription drugs: Use the Elixir Pharmacy Locator or call 800-361-4542.
  • All other providers: Visit anthem.com and click “Find a Doctor” at the top right of the screen. Scroll down to “Search using your ID Number or Alpha Prefix” and enter “JTF.” Complete the requested information and click “Search.”

HMO Plan (Health Plan of Nevada)

Use the online provider directory.


For in-network coverage of laboratory tests, use any LabCorp facility: labcorp.com/wps/portal/findalab.

Urgent Care

Try any of these resources to find an in-network urgent care:

PPO Plan

  • Urgent Care Center: Visit anthem.com and click “Find Care” at the top right of the screen. Scroll down to “Member ID number or prefix” and enter “JTF.” Enter your zip code and select “Urgent Care” under More Options.
  • On Demand Urgent Care: Use DispatchHealth (702-848-4443) or Doctoroo (702-800-3952) to request on-demand and on-location urgent care services provided by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

HMO Plan

  • HPN Symptom Checker: Use the HPN symptom checker. Download the HPN symptom checker mobile app, tap “Seek Help” at the bottom of the home screen, then tap “Find Nearby Urgent Care.”
  • On Demand Urgent Care: Call the 24/7 nurse advice line at 800-288-2264. A nurse will review your symptoms and, if appropriate, schedule urgent care that comes to your home. Urgent care house calls include the tools necessary to provide advanced medical care. Most prescriptions can be sent to your chosen pharmacy.


Telemedicine uses the same technology as video chat services such as FaceTime and Skype, but is delivered using secure, HIPAA-compliant technology so your virtual office visits are completely confidential. Consultations generally last 10 minutes.

Use telemedicine when you have a minor medical issue that otherwise might require a visit to your primary care provider, an urgent care center, or an emergency room for a non-emergency issue.

PPO Plan

LiveHealth Online: livehealthonline.com

HMO Plan

NowClinic: nowclinic.com; behavioral health appointments: 800-873-2246

If it’s not a life-threatening situation, the emergency room might not be the best option for care. Review the Anthem Emergency Room Alternatives flyer for more information.

Know Where to Go

Knowing where to go for care can save you time and money! Try our Where to Go for Care Quiz to see what care option is best for your situation.