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Provider Name Website Phone Number
Teamsters 14 Customer Service Line Zenith-American Solutions (702) 851-8286
Fund’s Nurse Advocate Zenith-American Solutions (702) 851-8286
PPO Plan  Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield (702) 851-8286
PPO Pharmacy Benefits Envision Rx 1-800-361-4542
Precertification of Admissions and Certain PPO Plan Services Innovative Care Management 1-800-862-3338
HMO Plan Health Plan of Nevada (702) 242-7300 or 1-800-777-1840
Dental PPO Plan Delta Dental Plan (702) 851-8286
Dental DHMO-EPO Plan
(Benefit Plan NV-400)
Liberty Dental Plan  1-888-401-1128
Vision Plan Vision Service Plan 1-800-877-7195
Life and Accident Insurance Plans Zenith-American Solutions (702) 851-8286
Employee Assistance Program Harmony Healthcare (702) 251-8000 or