You are eligible for Teamsters Security Fund for Southern Nevada – Local 14 health and welfare benefits if you are:

  • An active employee of a participating employer, you have met the initial eligibility requirements (you became eligible the first day of the month after receipt of your employer’s first contribution made on your behalf), and you have maintained continuous eligibility, or
  • A retiree of a participating employer, you have maintained continuous eligibility, you are not yet eligible for Medicare, and you were eligible as an active employee, or through COBRA, for 90 of the 120 months immediately before retirement. Note: Up to 30 months of service outside the bargaining unit with the same employer will be counted towards satisfying the 90-month requirement.

Your eligible dependents include:

  • Your legal spouse: If you choose to cover your spouse, you will need to submit a Spousal Affidavit.
  • Your children up to age 26, including:
    • Natural children
    • Stepchildren
    • Legally adopted children
    • Children placed for adoption
    • Children for whom you are the court-appointed guardian
  • Your unmarried disabled adult child

Log in at teamsters14healthfund.com and click on "Health Eligibility" in the left menu.